Healthy Sandwich is a Meal in Itself

Eating healthy has become more and more popular over the years, not just in America, but all over the world. A sandwich is a meal within itself. Most meals were compiled of a meat, bread, vegetable, and starch. You can have all of this in a sandwich.

Start with the bread. You’ll want to use something more nutritious than the usual white sandwich bread. Go for something like whole wheat or grain breads. You could also use tortillas, pita, bagels, and rolls, but try to go with the whole grains.

Meat is normally the center of the sandwich. Try to stay away from ham, beef, and peanut butter. If you must have these, then cut the portions in half that you normally would use. Tuna is an all time favorite, but if you want more variety, you could use canned crab, salmon, shrimp, or roasted or cooked chicken or turkey.

Vegetables are the next item on your creation. You can use grilled or fresh. Some vegetables that used to be cooked and served only as sides are now being used in sandwiches. You can grill peppers, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, and onions to add to your sandwich. If you want to use fresh vegetables, try lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, spinach, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, and black and green olives.

For your dressing you will want to stick with no-fat or low-fat choices. Mustard, low-fat mayonnaise or salad dressing, low-fat thousand island or ranch, English Chutney, salsa, horseradish and vinegar are some of your choices.

What ever you choose to put on your sandwich, try to make your choices from the most healthy, natural and fresh items that you can. Leave the cheese off your sandwich. It usually contains a lot of fat calories.

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