How Many Calories Are in Chicken Breast?

When one goes on a diet, he or she will look for tasty or healthy choices that will help them manage their diet. Healthy food does not necessarily have to taste bad. Very tasty food like chicken breast can give you a both a delicious meal as well as a meal that is low in calories. That brings us to the question of how many calories there are in a chicken breast. It will depend a little bit on how the chicken is cooked, what type of oil and how much oil is used. Below are the average calories that you will find.

How many calories, plus nutritional information related to chicken breast.

A traditional chicken breast meal will contain 170-180 calories for every 100 grams. This is a great meal as it is high in protein. 100 grams of contains almost 27 grams of protein and only 6.5 grams of fat. It is a great post – workout food as it will provide good protein for muscle building while also being very low on fat.

Accordingly, 200 grams of would have about 340-350 calories in them with about 13 grams of fat. Though this is a great meal, you have to be careful about what else you take with the meal. If you wash down the chicken breast with a large soda, you will pretty much the ruin all the benefits offered by this healthy meal. One should exercise common sense in all eating activities.

How many calories in chicken breast aside, let us get into some tasty recipes that you can try to enjoy your chicken breast. These recipes are for low calorie meals.

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach – In a large skillet, sauté an onion or two until they are golden brown. Use olive oil. Steam the spinach separately and add some salt and pepper and also some lemon zest if you like. Set it aside. Cut up the chicken into pieces that will be large enough for a small roll. Use these cut up breast pieces to roll up some spinach. Once you wrap them up, pick a toothpick through them to hold them together.

Now, use the same skillet with a little more oil if needed and cook the chicken until it is golden brown. Remove the toothpicks and serve a great chicken breast meal.

Lemon and pepper breast – If you like your chicken a little tangy, you can simply sprinkle some lemon pepper seasoning on. You will get this seasoning in most stores. Next, squeeze out half a lemon or a full lemon onto both sides of the chicken and marinate for about half an hour. Poke some small holes in the chicken breast for the lemon flavor to really soak into the chicken. Bake this at about 400 F or until it is cooked well. This is another great healthy meal that will be ready in no time.

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